So much advice but so little time to process and understand it! Time compression is the bane of many business owners. It's not the quality of the advice perhaps so much as the quantity and disjointed nature of it!

Given that the average business owner has many advisors, how does he/she ensure sure that the various pieces of advice coalesce into a unified whole? Click here for more...


This is the 1st of the 3 stage Lynchpin process. Involves purely risk management planning designed to protect personal & corporate accumulated wealth from predator and nuisance creditors, wayward staff, spendthrift family members, unexpected health problems and bad luck.


This stage utilizes the 3 component corporate structure now in place. Focus is strictly on cash flow and how it is harvested and distributed in the most tax efficient manner. Conventional planning methods and financial products are typically modified or replaced.


The most complicated stage involving many parties, their needs and wishes together with their egos and emotions.

Should involve multiyear planning focused on maintaining constant communication thus ensuring that facts and not perceptions take precedence.

A stage that is impacted by procrastination.

Our Core Beliefs:

  • The need for a "go to" advisor
  • Financial structure in place first before financial products purchased
  • All egos parked at the door
  • A detailed discovery precedes the planning process
  • Consistent planning momentum must be maintained
  • Plan accommodates changes in the environment

Reasons to Believe:

  • Exclusivity: we only work for business owners
  • Our proven Protect – Grow – Transition planning process mirrors the lifecycle of a typical business (Start up – Growth – Established)
  • Our experienced team of strategic planning specialists (almost 100 years)
  • Our raving clients (construction, automotive, manufacturing, heavy industrial, recreational)