So much advice but so little time to process and understand it! Time compression is the bane of many business owners. It's not the quality of the advice perhaps so much as the quantity and disjointed nature of it!

Given that the average business owner has many advisors, how does he/she ensure sure that the various pieces of advice coalesce into a unified whole? For the world of advice giving is one where product peddling, a dizzying array of credentials and egos collide with the urgent needs of the business owner. Instead of a quilt like plan (my Irish cap!) providing comfort and protection, what results is a bag of ragtag products and strategies with little or no overall planning integrity. 

From over 30 years of working for myself including almost 20 in the advisory business, I've determined that what's lacking is a "go to" advisor, in particular one who understands the significance of proper financial structuring first and foremost.

Structure should always precede the selection of financial products and associated strategies. However some owners complicate planning by putting the "product cart before the structural horse" – resulting from casual conversations on the golf course, coffee at Tim's, talking to neighbors, etc.

To better explain the unusual work I do for business owners I have borrowed from engineering parlance–I describe myself as a Financial General Contractor. 

Because many of us run businesses experiencing new /unexpected competition (think the web), continued business success is now a game of inches not first downs. The elusive planning is required now more than ever.

In all our planning our team is guided by the axiom:

Simplicity = peace of mind.

Our Core Beliefs:

  • The need for a "go to" advisor
  • Financial structure in place first before financial products purchased
  • All egos parked at the door
  • A detailed discovery precedes the planning process
  • Consistent planning momentum must be maintained
  • Plan accommodates changes in the environment

Reasons to Believe:

  • Exclusivity: we only work for business owners
  • Our proven Protect – Grow – Transition planning process mirrors the lifecycle of a typical business (Start up – Growth – Established)
  • Our experienced team of strategic planning specialists (almost 100 years)
  • Our raving clients (construction, automotive, manufacturing, heavy industrial, recreational)