Why Lynchpin

Here's how we think a business owner wants to see the world of wealth management planning and the advice giving that goes with it:

1. Conduct a thorough analysis to determine my planning needs and goals (the discovery) together with those of all involved parties;

2. Select a team of financial planning specialists (building subcontractors) to design and craft the wealth management plan (the building) to meet the needs and goals of me and my stakeholders (family and management);

3. Coordinate and facilitate the work of the selected specialists;

4. Monitor the plan implementation (erect the building) to ensure best practices (no missed opportunities) and planning momentum;

5. Stay on budget;

6. Put in place a plan feedback loop to allow upgrades and adjustments;

7. Teach me how to use and follow the plan on an ongoing basis.

Initially our team will place a considerable amount of their time on structural analysis i.e. examining your existing corporate structure and how it should be modified to take best advantage of 2006 federal budget changes. These changes continue to significantly impact private business cash flow throughout the country. We want to ensure that your customized structure will stand the test of time, in regards changing legislation, business risks, investment risks, etc.

While this structural analysis is proceeding we begin conducting a preliminary risk management assessment i.e. identify any business and personal risks that may exist. Then we implement/put in place strategies and products to protect the existing wealth the business owner and family has accumulated.

Further down the road we will begin initiating the Grow and Transition stages of the wealth management process.

We draw your attention to the fact that the Protect – Grow – Transition process mirrors the typical life cycle stages of most businesses: Start up, Growth, Established/Mature.

Keep in mind that the key person in the whole process is the linchpin advisor (i.e. the Financial General Contractor) around whom the whole planning process evolves.

To give you some additional insight into our work visit the Resources page and review the questions we initially ask prospective clients.

Finally, take some time to check out the rest of our website for some very interesting information on our Protect Grow Transition planning process. We believe it will challenge many of your wealth management assumptions.

Our Core Beliefs:

  • The need for a "go to" advisor
  • Financial structure in place first before financial products purchased
  • All egos parked at the door
  • A detailed discovery precedes the planning process
  • Consistent planning momentum must be maintained
  • Plan accommodates changes in the environment

Reasons to Believe:

  • Exclusivity: we only work for business owners
  • Our proven Protect – Grow – Transition planning process mirrors the lifecycle of a typical business (Start up – Growth – Established)
  • Our experienced team of strategic planning specialists (almost 100 years)
  • Our raving clients (construction, automotive, manufacturing, heavy industrial, recreational)